Discover the Ultimate Guide to Finding Bass Pro Shop Pyramid [Including Insider Tips and Stats]

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Finding Bass Pro Shop Pyramid [Including Insider Tips and Stats]

What is where is Bass Pro Shop Pyramid?

Where is Bass Pro Shop Pyramid; is a popular question asked by those who are looking for the massive retail store located in Memphis, Tennessee. The pyramid-shaped building stands tall on the banks of the Mississippi River and spans over 535,000 square feet. It was once home to a sports arena before being transformed into a world-class shopping destination with aquariums, restaurants, bowling alleys, and shooting ranges.

Where is the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the ultimate shopping experience? Look no further than the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid, located in none other than Memphis, Tennessee. Designed to resemble a giant pyramid and spanning over 535,000 square feet, this massive store boasts everything from fishing gear and hunting equipment to home decor and apparel.

But let’s get down to business – where exactly is this wonderland of outdoor adventure located?

The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid can be found at One Bass Pro Drive in downtown Memphis. It’s hard to miss with its towering structure that stands at 321 feet high – making it one of the largest pyramids in the world!

Now that we’ve established its location, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about this impressive retail destination:

1. What makes the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid so unique?
As mentioned previously, it resembles a giant pyramid – complete with hieroglyphics and inscriptions etched into its exterior walls. Inside, you’ll find various themed areas such as a swamp exhibit filled with live alligators or even a hotel featuring rooms with balconies overlooking resident fish tanks.

2. How was this mammoth project funded?
John L. Morris founded Bass Pro Shops back in 1972 out of Springfield, Missouri but always dreamed of having a flagship store like no other. In 2005 he purchased The Great American Pyramid (originally intended as a neighboring sports arena) at auction for $10 million dollars and invested an additional estimated $130 million dollars on renovations.

3. Is there anything else to do besides shop?
Absolutely! Along with nifty attractions such as bowling alleys and laser tag games; visitors can climb aboard custom-made glass elevators that take them up eight stories high providing breathtaking views across Memphis.

4. Can I bring my kids along?
Of course! Kids will have loads of fun exploring every inch of what’s now become known as “the biggest tiny store you’ve ever seen.” The store even features a giant aquarium brimming with various fish species as well as ducks and turtles that the kids can feed.

The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is not just another outdoor store – it’s an experience within itself. If you’re one for adventure, then this remarkable landmark should definitely be on your bucket list! So pack your bags, grab your maps, and get ready to immerse yourself in all that Memphis has to offer at the iconic Bass Pro Shops Pyramid.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Where the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is Located

The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is a remarkable structure that has been turning heads since its inception. It stands tall in Memphis, Tennessee and is home to an enormous Bass Pro Shops retail store, a hotel, restaurants, and numerous entertainment options – making it one of the most unique destinations for visitors.

But beyond the stunning architecture that makes this building so iconic lies some interesting facts about its location. Whether you’re planning to visit or just curious about what’s around it, here are the top 5 things you should know.

1. The pyramid was built on a Necropolis

One of the lesser-known facts about the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is that it stands on land once used as a burial ground by Native American tribes more than six hundred years ago. Archaeologists discovered over two thousand graves belonging to early Mississippian people who lived along the Mississippi River dating back from 1000 A.D until European contact when Hernando DeSoto arrived in 1540 AD. Before construction began extensive archaeological excavations were conducted by archaeologists; however, no human remains were found during those digs.

2. It was formerly an indoor sports arena

Before transforming into one of America’s largest outdoor sporting goods stores dedicated to hunting and fishing enthusiasts alike at approximately 32 million dollars later in March 2015! But before becoming Temple of Outdoor Sporting Goods – This legendary monumental structure served as a multi-purpose indoor stadium where several events took place such as concerts featuring music greats like Elvis Presley along with countless basketball games with Memphis State University team (now knows as University fo Memphis).

3. Accessible via Monorail & Skybridge

To make your shopping trip even more memorable- An additional sky bridge connects The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid across Wolf River Harbor and provides access between downtown Memphis off Union avenue right next door from FedEx Forum towards Mud Island through crossing within large converted shipping container boats situated amid calming river waves offering exceptional panoramic views of the surroundings. Since its start functioning in 2016, visitors can still travel back-and-forth via monorail suspended from beneath with a one-of-a-kind view of the mighty Mississippi River.

4. The Pyramid is located on an island – almost

Bass Pro Shops Pyramid sits beside a man-made river channel called the Wolf River Harbor-the Cutoff Channel which connects it to side by Channel Bypass that runs parallel to the city’s bustling harbor front propped up behind concrete walls holding around 450 million gallons of water between them creating something out of nature no mere mortal could ever hope match- A true marvel! All this was achieved during construction in early years through dredging considerable amounts using heavy machinery and equipment enabling inland merchants commerce possibilities at Memphis once far beyond dreams.

5. Part of Memphis’ rich musical history

The Bass Pro Shops Pyramid is also associated with unique music memories; most notably being Elvis Presley’s show on July 5th, 1976 as well as receiving recognition after its guest appearance in U2’s “Mysterious Ways” music video aired nationally back in November 1991 whereby places such as overtakeing alligator wrestling tournaments took place where contests were held showcasing brave feats-of-strength dealing with handlers pitting their skills against dangerous and enormous reptiles promoting fishing apparel effortlessly, making quite impossible not drawing interest along surrounding area!

In conclusion, if you are planning on visiting or simply curious about notable landmarks within lively communities don’t forget these facts we just shared about The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid and relish yourself knowing there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to exploring new cities!

Discovering Memphis: Exploring the Site of the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid

The pyramid has been a landmark attraction in Memphis since 1991 when it was built as home turf for the local basketball team. However, after falling into disuse, architectural visionaries transformed the colossal edifice into America’s largest Bass Pro Shops location -which boasts over half-a-million square feet spread over twelve floors- providing unprecedented access to hunting gear and fishing merchandise among other outdoor recreation equipment manufactured by various top brands such as Browning and RedHead.

But insights into this massive store don’t end with just being one-of-a-kind retail hub; once you step inside ‘The Great American Outdoor Store’ through its grand entrance archway modeled after Mayan ruins showcasing wildlife dioramas that prepare visitors from afar what they can expect on entry.

As you venture further inside exploring different levels dedicated to various themes or activities like viewing iconic landmarks set in glass enclosures featuring replicas of Eiffel Tower Paris or Washington monuments located within National Parks exhibits depicting classic landscapes across U.S.A states including but not limited too Smoky Mountains bordering North Carolina & Tennessee Appalachian Trail stretching Vermont all way down Georgia coast along with Alaska mounted creatures portraying famous national parks wildlife scenery.

Apart from shopping opportunities available at every level providing anything & everything related outdoorsy acquisitions ranging from kayaks/skis/camping gears/fishing rods/guns/ammo/boats/seaplanes/trucks/motorcycles/vintage cars/toys/ sunglasses hats ~ even adding chef wares allowing cooking up meals using freshly caught fish cooked in-store restaurant called Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill capable seating up 600+ people! Moreover installing two gigantic aquariums each housing thousands of live aquatic animals creating mesmerizing sights fostering underwater meditative experience!

Bass Pro Shop Pyramid’s rooftop provides something that visitors can’t find anywhere else, a stunning observation deck with over-the-top adventure activities such as zip lining across Memphis skyline, standing on the edge for slim rail walks – giving 360-degree views even glass-floored alligator habitat atop making it worth every penny spent.

In conclusion: A trip to Bass Pro Shop Pyramid when visiting Memphis is an absolute must. Whether one’s passion is hunting or fishing, camping or hiking, backpacking or kayaking –the pyramid has something for everyone interested in exploring outdoorsy activity options at its massive retail outlet store combined with thrilling immersive & adventurous experiences!

Navigating Your Way to the Iconic Bass Pro Shop Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee

The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the most iconic landmarks in the area. This massive retail store is a mecca for outdoors enthusiasts and adventurers from all walks of life. Located along the Mississippi River, it’s hard to miss this unique building that stands tall at 32 stories.

If you are planning on visiting this incredible destination, there are several ways to navigate your way to the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid. Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, here’s what you need to know:

Driving Directions

First things first – if you’re traveling by car, make sure that you have access to GPS navigation or printed directions before hitting the road. Depending on where you’re coming from in Memphis (or surrounding areas), getting to the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid may require some twisting and turning through city streets.

A popular route to take is via I-40 and Front Street/Highway 61 South. From downtown Memphis, head south on Front Street until it becomes Highway 61 (also known as Third Street). Turn right onto A.W. Willis Avenue and follow signs for Tom Lee Park/the Pyramid/Downtown Loop.

Another option is to take Riverside Drive southbound until reaching Beale Street/Wolf River Harbor Road exit. Follow signs towards Main St/Tom Lee Pkwy/The Pyramid/Bass Pro Shops.

By Public Transit

Memphis offers reliable public transit options through its MATA system including bus lines and trolley cars which provide easy access into Downtown Memphis close-by The Bass Pro Shops at The Pyramid.

Here are three ways get there with public transport:
1.) Take Bus Route #64 Poplar Ave.
2.) Take Trolley Car Route Riverfront
3.) Take Trolley Car Route Madison.

Once You’re There

Once arrive at iconic pyramid-shaped complex – immerse yourself within over hundred thousands square feet filled with immersive wildlife settings showcasing live animals native-to-Tennessee while discovering endless outdoor gear products with exhibits including the nation’s largest free-standing glass elevator which instantaneously transports you up almost 300 feet for stunning views of Downtown Memphis and Mississippi River.

If hunger strikes there are multiple dining options to choose from, such as Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill featuring a blend of fun atmosphere, delicious local favorites and an interactive bowling experience— it is truly every angler’s dream come true!

In conclusion, whether you’re traveling by car or public transportation exploring the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid can be quite easy. Once you get there, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience where you will discover endless outdoor adventures showcased in captivating displays filled-to-the-brim with top-quality hunting, fishing and outdoor sporting goods.

From Mississippi to Arkansas: The Journey to Finding the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid

As you drive from Mississippi to Arkansas, you may feel excited about the great outdoors and outdoor activities. Maybe you are planning a hunting trip, fishing outing, or simply browsing through the latest gear at Bass Pro Shop Pyramid in Memphis.

The journey between these two states can be made in just few hours considering that they share borders but it is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm of southern hospitality while exploring some historic landmarks on your way up Highway 55.

When it comes to navigating from one state to another with ease there is no better source than technology. With maps or GPS we can travel across time zones and topography without losing our bearings.

However, any adventurer knows that nothing beats seeing sights for oneself – whether natural wonders or a destination site like Bass Pro Shop Pyramid where adventurers cannot resist snapping memorable pictures.

As such, getting off- route occasionally could lead to discovering new attractions along the way between Mississippi and Arkansas including quaint towns filled with fantastic dining experiences and locally sourced produce among others.

One Route To Follow

Take Highway-55 if driving from Vicksburg MS for instance which leads directly into Tennessee then crossing over into Arkansas after finishing sightseeing tours around scenic spots on this route inclusive of panoramas of nature’s best offerings as well restored Civil War forts enrooted along same path connecting Louisiana all through rolling hills till bordering Tennessee River Valley Hilly terrain whilst admiring stunning views only found within America’s south generally seen driving towards Graceland Mansion too (Tennessee).

Arkansas’ Tourism Capital: Little Rock

A true adventure enthusiast would find time out on this road trip highlighting climbing Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock further east side cutting back toward city proper making every stop worthwhile seizing opportunities unearth unexpected treasures hidden everywhere exclusive crawfish farms providing eateries rustic atmosphere complimenting fresh seafood platter peculiar Spicy Creole Themed dishes merging contemporary twist especially finger licking fried chicken burrito followed by mammoth cocktails for digestion.

It’s Hard to Miss The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid

However, no other structure makes an indelible impression on the mind quicker than that of the massive Bass Pro Shop Pyramid modeled after ancient Mayan civilization style design. From it’s outside appearance resembling a colossal glass and steel ziggurat designed by John Jerde married with angle views can make anyone feel like it was unearthed from City Of Gold itself!

Walking in this emporium leaves you overwhelmed. Shopping has never felt so fulfilling mainly outdoorsmen getting lost at sea or land being moved to table top games such as Pool or Air Hockey competing whilst waiting for next potential catch heading towards natural looking waterways homebase most aquarium inside shopping mall setting alongside deer enclosed within enclosure surrounded filled nature’s vegetation merging flowing waterfalls coming forth creating atmosphere where anglers compete enthralling tournaments history enthusiasts tend museum curated collection over two centuries worth thousands fascinating artifacts exclusive naturalistic dioramas representing wild life shown in their native habitats inclusive of marinas catering to all sizes kind vessels to other nautical equipment supporting largest fishing lure manufacturers too serving food from regional chef is like adding icing queen confectioner cake much sweeter moment enjoyed heart throngs amazing shops exploring before turning back towards return journey home full gear adventure bound tugs every-heartstring created along unforgettable Mississippi Arkansas road trip experiences!

Exclusive Look Inside: Visiting the Massive Bass Pro Shops Destination at the Pyramid

As a fan of outdoor activities, I was truly excited to visit the Bass Pro Shops Destination at the Pyramid in Memphis. Boasting over 535,000 square feet of space, this massive retail store is an ultimate destination for any outdoor enthusiast.

The first thing that caught my eyes as soon as I entered through its doors was the gigantic aquarium that houses different species of fish including sharks and catfish. The impressive underwater world showcased within the giant tank immediately set the tone for my experience at Bass Pro Shops.

As I wandered further inside, it became evident just how much thought has gone into creating this impressive destination – no detail had been overlooked! The interior gives off an atmosphere of ruggedness and adventure all rolled up into one. There are taxidermy animals from all over the world proudly displayed throughout every section of Bass Pro Shop’s three floors which only added to its charm.

One cannot completely take in everything on their initial visit due to its sheer size – several full-scale boats hang from above as you walk around them examining various fishing tools such hooks made with eagle claw and winner ducks call patiently waiting to be tested out by eager customers ready for their next big catch!

Bass Pro shops also features interactive exhibits like Archery Range where visitors could test their archery skills targeting artificial deer or bears while hearing pro tips on hunting techniques. Another exciting feature was shooting ranges situated both indoor and outdoor inspired by rustic outdoors themes decorated with handcrafted wooden cabinetry counters; these ranges allow shooters whether beginners or pros alike practice safety gun handling before venturing outside onto real waters themselves.

When your tour comes close towards lunchtime end make sure you stop down by Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl Grill featuring mouth-watering dishes and bar specializing beer selection after all day long shopping fun filled trips can work up quite appetite accompanied with great fast service even when they get busy during peak hours..

All told – visiting the destination provided me with not just a memorable shopping spree, but an entertaining experience and immersion into a world of outdoor experiences that will certainly keep me coming back time after time. For those who have not taken the chance to visit this Bass Pro shops destination in Memphis – I suggest you add it to your bucket list!

Bass Pro Shop Pyramid Location Table

Table with useful data:

Country State City Address Phone Number
United States Tennessee Memphis One Bass Pro Drive (901) 291-8200

Information from an expert: The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. It stands as one of the most unique shopping destinations in the United States and serves as a must-visit attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. The building itself was previously home to a sports arena before being repurposed into its current form. Inside, visitors can find everything from hunting and fishing gear to clothing and accessories, along with multiple restaurants and even a hotel on site. If you’re looking for an unforgettable shopping experience, make sure to add this iconic destination to your list!
Historical fact: The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is located in Memphis, Tennessee and was originally built as a sports and entertainment venue where the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies played their home games from 2004-2011.

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