Feed Your Musical Cravings: Where to Stream Little Shop of Horrors

Feed Your Musical Cravings: Where to Stream Little Shop of Horrors

Step-by-Step Guide: Where to Stream Little Shop of Horrors

Are you a fan of musicals and looking for your next streaming fix? Look no further than the classic cult favorite, Little Shop of Horrors! This darkly comedic musical follows the story of Seymour Krelborn, a hapless flower shop worker who discovers a mysterious plant that feeds on human flesh.

But where can you stream this fan-favorite musical? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Netflix
First up on our list is Netflix. While unfortunately not offering the original 1986 film version of Little Shop of Horrors, they do have the filmed stage production from London’s Menier Chocolate Factory. This unique take features US actor Jonathan Groff in the lead role and director Maria Aberg’s slightly alternative interpretation.

Step 2: HBO Max
Next stop on our journey is HBO Max. They offer the theatrical cut from 1986 and include classics such as “Feed Me (Git it)” and “Suddenly Seymour,” plus there’s some wacky comedy from Rick Moranis and Steve Martin to round out this zany gem.

Step 3: Amazon Prime Video
Last but not least, we have Amazon Prime Video, which also provides access to both versions of Little Shop of Horrors. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can stream it for free via Amazon’s platform. And if that weren’t enough, they even offer exclusive bonus content about “The Making Of” aspect

In conclusion, whether you prefer a new spin or want to go old school with some classic Steve Martin humor, Little Shop Of Horrors has everything you could ask for in a musical comedy-horror movie. So don’t hesitate any longer- grab some popcorn, get cozy on your couch – and start streaming one these amazing options today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to Stream Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is a cult classic musical that has captivated audiences ever since its debut in 1982. Based on the low-budget 1960 film of the same name, this horror-comedy tells the story of a down-on-his-luck florist shop worker who discovers an exotic plant that feeds on human blood and flesh.

If you’re looking to stream Little Shop of Horrors, you may have some questions about where to find it. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers below!

Q: Is Little Shop of Horrors available on Netflix?
A: Unfortunately, no. As of now, Little Shop of Horrors is not available to stream on Netflix.

Q: Can I watch Little Shop of Horrors for free?
A: It depends. Some streaming services offer a free trial period, during which you may be able to watch Little Shop of Horrors without paying. However, after the trial period ends, you will need to subscribe and pay to continue watching.

Q: Where can I stream Little Shop of Horrors?
A: Little Shop of Horrors is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu with a subscription. You can also rent or buy it from other streaming platforms such as Google Play Movies & TV or Apple TV.

Q: How much does it cost to rent or buy Little Shop Of Horrors?
A: The rental price for Little Shop Of Horrors varies depending on the platform you choose. On average, renting costs around $3.99 while buying starts from $9.99 and up.

Q: Is there an extended version or director’s cut available for streaming?
A: Yes! The special edition DVD release includes a longer cut with several additional scenes that were cut from the theatrical release due to time constraints.

Q: Can I watch it in HD quality?
A: Absolutely! Most streaming platforms offer high-quality versions of the movie in HD or 4K Ultra HD.

In summary, Little Shop of Horrors is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu with a subscription, but you can also rent or buy it on other platforms such as Google Play Movies & TV or Apple TV. While it may not be available on Netflix, there are still plenty of options for streaming this beloved musical classic. So why not grab some popcorn and immerse yourself in the wacky world of Little Shop of Horrors today?

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Streaming Little Shop of Horrors

If you’re anything like me, you love a good musical. And what’s not to love about “Little Shop of Horrors”? From the catchy tunes to the hilarious script, this show has something for everyone. But did you know that it’s now available to stream? Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about streaming “Little Shop of Horrors”.

1. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Yes, that’s right – all your favorite songs and characters from “Little Shop of Horrors” are now available on Amazon Prime Video! You can rent or buy the movie in HD or SD quality, depending on your preference. And if you don’t have a Prime account yet, what are you waiting for?

2. It features an incredible cast

The 1986 movie version of “Little Shop of Horrors” boasts an impressive lineup of talent. Rick Moranis stars as Seymour Krelborn, the lovable but hapless florist who discovers a man-eating plant. Steve Martin plays Orin Scrivello DDS, the sadistic dentist who torments Audrey (Ellen Greene). And let’s not forget the incredible voices of Tichina Arnold and Michelle Weeks as Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon.

3. It includes additional scenes

If you’re used to only seeing the stage version of “Little Shop of Horrors”, get ready for some surprise additions in the movie version! Director Frank Oz added several scenes that weren’t in the original musical production, giving viewers even more laughs and thrills.

4. The music is unforgettable

From “Skid Row (Downtown)” to “Suddenly Seymour”, every song in this musical will leave you humming along for days afterwards. Howard Ashman and Alan Menken really hit their stride with this score; it’s no wonder they went on to write beloved Disney classics like “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”.

5. It’s a cult classic for a reason

“Little Shop of Horrors” has been a staple in the musical theater canon since it first premiered off-Broadway in 1982. But why has it endured the test of time? Perhaps it’s because of its unique blend of darkness and comedy, or maybe it’s just because we all have that little voice inside us that wants to sing along to “Feed Me (Git It)”. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that this show is one for the ages.

So there you have it – the top 5 facts you need to know about streaming “Little Shop of Horrors”. Get ready to laugh, dance and sing your heart out with this timeless gem!

Where Can I Watch Little Shop of Horrors? A Comprehensive Breakdown

Little Shop of Horrors is a classic horror comedy musical that has continued to captivate audiences since its release in 1986. Based on the off-Broadway musical of the same name, the film tells the story of a hapless florist named Seymour who discovers a mysterious, flesh-eating plant that propels him to fame and fortune. The movie features an all-star cast including Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Steve Martin, and Bill Murray.

If you’re wondering where you can watch Little Shop of Horrors today, fear not! We’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of all the places you can catch this cult classic.

First up: streaming services.

If you’re a subscriber to Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, you are in luck. Both services offer Little Shop of Horrors as part of their streaming libraries. Simply search for the movie title and start watching!

For those without a subscription to either service or looking for more rental options:

Amazon Prime Video also offers Little Shop of Horrors as an Amazon Rental option for ($3.99 – $4.99) depending on quality selection (SD/HQ/HD).
YouTube Movie Rentals also has Little Shop Of Horrors available starting at ($2.99 -$3.99) with various rental periods available.
Apple TV users can rent the movie from iTunes Store for ($3.99-$4.99)

If physical media is more your speed:

For those who prefer having physical copies of movies loaded with fun commentary tracks & extra features included in them there’s always Blu-ray / DVD route!

Little Shop Of Horrors is readily available on both formats via standard retailers such as Best Buy & Walmart among others both online and in person at their stores nationwide.

There are even special editions such as Scream Factory’s limited steelbook edition that includes new special features available for purchase from Shout Factory’s website!

In conclusion, whether streaming or renting for the first time, or adding to your physical media collection, there are numerous options available for Little Shop of Horrors fans. So grab your popcorn and settle in for a twisted yet delightful ride with Seymour and his man-eating plant!

From Netflix to Hulu: The Best Platforms for Streaming Little Shop of Horrors

When it comes to classic horror-comedies, few films can match the absurdity and sheer entertainment value of Little Shop of Horrors. Originally released in 1986, this iconic movie has stood the test of time and continues to hold a special place in the hearts of audiences around the world. And thanks to the wonders of modern streaming technology, it’s easier than ever before to enjoy this unforgettable cinematic masterpiece from the comfort of your own home.

But which platform should you turn to if you want to stream Little Shop of Horrors? The answer ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs, but there are a few standout options that are definitely worth considering.

First up is Netflix, one of the most popular streaming services around today. If you already have a subscription or are thinking about getting one, then you’ll be happy to know that Little Shop of Horrors is currently available on this platform. This means that you can access this classic film with just a few clicks or taps, whether you’re using Netflix on your TV screen or mobile device.

One important thing to note about Netflix, however, is that its library constantly changes over time as licenses expire and new content gets added. While it’s certainly possible that Little Shop could be removed from Netflix at some point in the future (though we certainly hope not!), for now it’s a reliable home for this beloved film.

Another popular option for streaming Little Shop of Horrors is Hulu. Like Netflix, Hulu also has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows available at any given time. And luckily for fans of Audrey II and company, this streaming platform also currently boasts a viewing option for Little Shop.

While both Netflix and Hulu offer similar features such as high-quality video playback and user-friendly interfaces across different devices, there are some important differences between them that could impact your decision-making process when it comes to choosing where to watch. For example:

  • Price: Depending on the plan you choose, Hulu can cost slightly more or less than Netflix each month. Additionally, Hulu offers a selection of add-ons that can further increase your monthly cost if you decide to subscribe to them.
  • Advertisements: One key factor that sets Hulu apart from Netflix is its inclusion of ads during certain programming (depending on your subscription level). If this bothers you, then Netflix may be the better choice.

Ultimately, whether you pick Netflix or Hulu for streaming Little Shop of Horrors comes down to which platform appeals most to you and meets your specific needs. Either way, it’s clear that thanks to modern technology, watching classic films like Little Shop has never been easier – and who knows? You might even find yourself singing along with the unforgettable tunes!

Don’t Get Confused! Clearing Up Any Misconceptions About Where to Stream Little Shop of Horrors

Ah, Little Shop of Horrors. It’s a classic musical that has found new life thanks to the resurgence of interest in movie-musicals. This 1986 film is still beloved by many and continues to gain new fans with each passing year.

If you’re looking to stream Little Shop of Horrors, though, it can be a little confusing as to where exactly you should look.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about where to stream Little Shop of Horrors once and for all!

First off, let’s talk about Netflix. While it might seem like the perfect place to stream this movie, it isn’t currently available on the platform in any region.

But fear not! There are plenty of other streaming services that have got your back when it comes to enjoying Seymour and Audrey’s story. Amazon Prime Video? Check. HBO Max? Check. Hulu? Double check!

So now that we know where we can legally watch Little Shop of Horrors, why not take a moment to appreciate how this film combines an entertaining plot with amazing music?

Featuring performances from Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, and Ellen Greene (among others), Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of a man-eating plant that develops quite an appetite as people start feeding it.

The film remains popular over thirty years after its release due in part to its mix of comedy-horror elements – combined with a selection of memorable tunes written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

And while some may think that because the film is old-fashioned and doesn’t cater precisely toward modern sensibilities means it won’t find new audiences – they would be wrong! The messages contained within this enjoyable musical remain relevant today – never forget about what dangers exist when we put our greed above everything else.

So there you have it folks – don’t get confused about where to stream your favorite musical; give a big thanks to platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max who make their services a haven to those who love Little Shop of Horrors. So why not enjoy this entertaining masterpiece – streaming anytime you like?

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