Uncovering the Mystery: Finding the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop

Uncovering the Mystery: Finding the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop

The Ultimate Guide: How to Find the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop

As one of the largest outdoor retailers in the world, Bass Pro Shop is a destination for avid hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts alike. While many visit to peruse the expansive selection of gear and clothing, few are aware of the hidden gem that lies within select stores – The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, The Pyramid (also known as Big Cypress Lodge) is an awe-inspiring shopping experience unlike any other. The massive structure stands at 32 stories tall and features over 600,000 square feet of retail space. But where can you find this elusive landmark amidst all the racks of gear?

First things first – make your way to Memphis. Once there, follow these steps:

Step One: Look up

As you approach Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid from afar or on foot, it’s hard not to be drawn in by its impressive size and unique shape. However, if you’re having trouble finding it within the hustle and bustle of downtown Memphis, simply look up! The distinctive pyramid-shaped building with its massive glass windows should be a dead giveaway.

Step Two: Park

Parking at The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is easy thanks to its designated parking lot located directly across the street from the building entrance. Follow signs for “Big Cypress Lodge” and park your car either outside or in their covered garage (the latter offering much needed shade on hot days).

Step Three: Enter

Once inside The Pyramid, make your way through the main entrance lined with aquariums filled with colorful fish; housed just above their convenient food court featuring plenty of tasty dining options. From there take one of several escalators up towards the top floors.

If after following steps one through three you are still unsure if you’ve found what you’re looking for? Try asking one of their friendly staff members who will guide you right to where you want to be.

Step Four: Explore

Finally here it is – spend time exploring everything this iconic landmark has to offer. From its stunning views of the Mississippi River and surrounding city, to its unique wilderness-inspired decor including over 100,000 square feet of retail space showcasing handcrafted home goods and local artisan products.

Step Five: Take it all in

Take a few moments to soak up this one-of-a-kind shopping experience where locals love to brag that they can find everything from fishing gear and hunting rifles, to gourmet coffee and freshly cooked BBQ inside The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop. Before leaving, head down towards the lower levels which features an expansive gun range with private instruction available for beginners or experts alike.

In summary, while finding The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop may seem like an adventure in itself, once you’ve made your way there you’ll quickly realize why it’s considered one of the top outdoor retail destinations in the world. So go ahead – start planning your visit today!

Step-by-Step Directions: Getting to the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop

Are you ready for a shopping adventure? The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, Tennessee is more than just an outdoor retailer – it’s a destination. And we’ve got step-by-step directions so you don’t get lost on the way.

Step One: Know Your Address
The address for the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is 1 Bass Pro Drive, Memphis, TN 38105. Once you have this memorized or written down somewhere safe, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Step Two: Know Your Transportation Options
Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to decide how you’ll get there. If driving is your transportation method of choice, then hop on I-40 and take Exit 1A toward US-51/Second Street/Mississippi River Park. Follow signs and take a right onto Channel Avenue and follow it all the way until it ends at Mud Island Road where the entrance to Bass Pro Shops Pyramid will be on your left.

If you prefer taking public transport instead, well aren’t we fancy! You’ll want to take either Bus Route 47 or Route 64 from downtown Memphis directly to their very own stop across from the Pyramid. Once off the bus turn right onto Island Dr S and follow along merging left into A.W. Willis Ave continuing straight over green steel bridge into Mud island Rd intersection light with giant bass statue turn left entrance ahead.

Step Three: Explore Parking Options
The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop has plenty of free parking available for all shoppers located behind their building with access roads clearly marked from front entrance circleabout “Hoppin’ Johnz Marketo” on both sides of lot entrances which can accommodate RV’s too! Visitors are welcome park at any one of these spots whether they’re looking for some fishing equipment or simply last-minute Christmas gifts.

Once parked up don’t forget to snap a photo at ‘Selfie station’ before heading inside for your big shopping spree.

Step Four: Let the Adventure Begin
You’ve made it to your destination. Time to let your adventure commence, walk up towards the door with your head held high and step into the huge Pyramid! The entrance is guarded by friendly staff members who only need a validation of timeslot if booked Fishing or Archery Departments. Before you go any further grab yourself an elevator ride to take in an amazing view up at Lookout Level, then aftercome back down and visit the store’s features such as their 600k-gallon cypress swamp enclosure dubbed “Mississippi Delta Aquarium” showcasing local fish species.

Step Five: Shop ‘Til You Drop
The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop caters for all outdoor enthusiasts. From hunting, fishing and camping gear to clothing and home decor – they have everything you can think of..and more! Make sure you check out their giant bowling alley located near the checkout area if arcade games are more you’re thing instead! With plenty of options no matter what you’re looking for.

In conclusion, there’s nothing quite like a trip to the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop in Memphis. With these step-by-step directions you’ll have no trouble finding this massive pyramid with its giant Bass perched atop it. So get ready for a shopping extravaganza like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions: All You Need to Know About Finding the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor recreation needs, the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, Tennessee is the place to be.

But with such a massive and sprawling store, it’s not always easy to know where to start or how to navigate this outdoor wonderland. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about finding the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop – so you can get out there and start exploring!

Q: Where is the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop located?
A: The store is located in Memphis, Tennessee on the Mississippi River at 1 Bass Pro Drive. It’s impossible to miss – just look for the giant pyramid-shaped building!

Q: What kind of merchandise can I find at Pyramid Bass Pro Shop?
A: The better question would be: what can’t you find? This enormous store has everything an outdoor enthusiast could want or need, from hunting gear and firearms to fishing equipment, camping supplies, boats, and even home decor items like rustic-themed furniture.

Q: Is there anything special I should know about visiting?
A: Yes! One thing that sets this location apart from other Bass Pro Shops is its indoor swamp and aquariums full of live fish. You’ll also find a bowling alley and restaurant with views of the river.

Q: What if I’m not an experienced outdoors person – will I still enjoy shopping here?
A: Absolutely! Even if you’re just looking for some casual recreational gear or unique gift ideas, this store has something for everyone. Plus, it’s worth checking out just for its impressive architecture alone.

Q: Are there any insider tips for making my visit more enjoyable?
A: With such a large store, it can be overwhelming at times. Be sure to take advantage of their maps or ask a friendly employee for guidance. If you have specific interests (e.g., hiking vs. fishing), try narrowing down which sections of the store you want to explore before arriving.

Overall, the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is a must-visit destination for any outdoor enthusiast or anyone who appreciates unique shopping experiences. With so much merchandise and fun activities in store, you could easily spend a whole day exploring this southern gem. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your gear and head on down to Memphis!

Top 5 Facts About the Location of the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop

The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is one of the most unique and iconic landmarks in Memphis, Tennessee. Standing at a towering height of 321 feet, this retail mecca has garnered attention from both locals and tourists alike. But while it’s easy to get lost in the shop‘s countless attractions and merchandise, it’s important to remember the rich history behind its location.

Here are the top 5 facts about the location of the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop:

1. The building was originally intended for sports and entertainment – The Pyramid arena was constructed in 1991 with the aim of hosting various sporting events, concerts, and exhibitions. At that point in time, it was hailed as one of the largest arenas in North America, with a seating capacity of over 20,000 people.

2. It sits on top an ancient Native American burial ground – Prior to its construction, archaeologists discovered that the site was actually a prehistoric Native American burial ground dating back over a thousand years ago. Despite protests from some members of the public who advocated against desecrating such sacred grounds for commercial purposes, construction went ahead.

3. It has survived multiple natural disasters – Over time, Memphis has been hit by numerous natural disasters including earthquakes and floods. The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop stands tall as evidence of resilience during these times. In fact, during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and subsequent flooding along parts of Mississippi River valley region surrounding Memphis earlier that year caused accumulation of over six million gallons (23 million liters)of water inside what was supposed to be waterproofed sections beneath The Pyramid but nonetheless damage was minor enough that repairs were made without structural issues arising

4. It underwent a dramatic transformation before becoming a retail store – After sitting largely vacant for several years after its closure as an arena in 2004 due declining attendance which led executives deciding close up shop temporarily as they thought it might be more cost-effective ending large losses if repositioned into something focused more on tourism, the building underwent an extensive renovation and redesign to become the retail giant that it is today. This transformation involved adding a massive aquarium, an indoor swamp and alligator pool, as well as various shops with outdoor gear.

5. It’s currently the seventh-largest pyramid in the world – While it may not quite live up to its ancient predecessors in Egypt, the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop still holds its own amid modern buildings. In fact, it’s even ranked as the seventh-largest pyramid in the world. This makes visiting it a must-do experience for travelers looking to see some of Memphis’ most interesting historical sites.

There you have it – The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is more than just a retail store; it’s also a testament to human ingenuity and adaptability over time. Whether you’re visiting Memphis for business or pleasure, make sure you take time to appreciate this iconic landmark and all that its captivating surroundings have to offer!

Exploring Memphis: What Other Attractions are Near the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop?

Memphis, Tennessee is not only known for being the home of blues, but it also boasts remarkable sights that appeal to vacationists with interests ranging from music to sports. Nestled at the Mississippi Riverbank in downtown Memphis is one of the city’s iconic landmarks: The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop.

While tourists flock to this outdoorsman paradise for an immersive and exciting shopping experience, there are other notable attractions worth checking out near this stunning structure that will level up your Memphis trip:

1. Beale Street
Just a ten-minute drive away from the Bass Pro Shop, Beale Street is one of the iconic locations in Memphis that holds its historical roots. Recognized as “the home of blues,” visitors can go back in time while strolling down this area marveling at its colorful buildings adorned with bright murals and signs.

2. National Civil Rights Museum
This landmark less than three miles away from our main attraction has been considered a critical learning stopover for those journeying to deeper comprehension about our country’s civil rights history.

3. Stax Museum of American Soul Music
Featuring exhibits that highlight careers such as Isaac Hayes and Aretha Franklin, guests can explore genres spanning soulful gospel through dance-pop sauntering into hip-hop.

4. Sun Studio
If you’re into rock’n’roll or Elvis Presley memorabilia, look no further than Sun Studio! Known as “The Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll,” record producer Sam Phillips launched the career of Elvis Presley following a recording session with him on August 1953.

5. Memphis Zoo
Less than four miles north of The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is the Memphis Zoo with over 500 animal species residing within their grounds!

Whether you’re looking for music culture or sports history or leisure sightseeing options, these five attributes are just scratching the surface regarding tourist spots to see close to one of Memphis’ most celebrated tourist destinations – The Pyramid Bass Pro Shop. You can spend your days wandering through museums or your nights enjoying blues and BBQ in one of the many bars that pepper the city, making Memphis a perfect location for any type of traveler!

Making Memories at the Iconic Pyramid Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, TN

The iconic Pyramid Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, TN is one of the most unique shopping destinations in the United States. With its distinctive pyramid shape and over 500,000 square feet of space, it’s easy to see why this massive retail store attracts visitors from all over.

But what makes the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop truly special is that it isn’t just a place to buy outdoor gear and equipment – it’s an experience. From the moment you enter through the massive stone archways and step into the cavernous main hall, you’re transported to a world where hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation reign supreme.

The first thing that strikes you when you walk through the doors of the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is its sheer size. With over 100 different departments spread out over seven floors (including a bowling alley and aquarium), it’s easy to get lost exploring all that this store has to offer.

But what really sets the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop apart is its attention to detail. Every corner of every department is meticulously designed to transport visitors to a specific time or place. Whether you’re browsing antique duck decoys in the waterfowl section, admiring handcrafted Native American pottery in the camping area, or checking out vintage hunting rifles in the gun department, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Another thing that makes visiting this store such an unforgettable experience is its commitment to education and conservation. Throughout the building, there are displays on everything from wildlife preservation to sustainable hunting practices. And if you’re lucky enough to be there during one of their regular seminars or workshops (which cover everything from fly fishing techniques to survival skills), you’ll walk away with more than just great gear – you’ll have learned something new as well.

Of course, no visit to the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop would be complete without taking a ride up its famous glass elevator – which offers stunning views of Memphis as well as access to lookout spots with binoculars to spot various wildlife in the Mississippi River.

In short, the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop is much more than just a store – it’s an adventure. Whether you’re an experienced outdoorsman looking for top-of-the-line gear or just someone who appreciates great design and attention to detail, this iconic destination should be at the top of your bucket list for unforgettable experiences in Memphis, TN.

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